Large Event Waste and Recycle Management

large event management



Are you hosting an event that will generate a ‘larger than normal’ amount of waste or recyclables?

Here at Wimmera Mallee Waste, our aim is to be your ‘one stop solution’

By contacting Mick or Graham, they will tailor-make a package that will suit your waste/recyclable containment and disposal needs.

Examples of our packages are:

  • hire of extra waste wheelie bins
  • hire of extra recycling wheelie bins
  • hire of combination of waste and recycling wheelie bins
  • hire of combination of wheelie bins and skip/s
  • an arrangement where hired wheelie bins are emptied on a regular/pre-determined basis for an event that goes for more than one day
  • an arrangement where our trucks empty your own wheelie bins on a regular/pre-determined basis for a large event that goes for more than one day


Large Events that we have provided solutions for include:

  • Rainbow Fire Recovery Street Party 2015. The provision and setting out of wheelie bins, followed by pick-up and emptying.
  • Rainbow Christmas Street Party.  This is an event that has been held on a number of occasions, and each time we have supplied wheelie bins, followed by pick-ups and emptying.
  • Mallee Machinery Field Days – Speed.  This is an event where our side-loader empties the waste wheelie bins on a pre-determined arrangement with the events organisers.  We have done this for a number of years.

large event management

  • The Great Victoria Bike Ride 2013.   This 10 day Event travelled from Mt. Gambier to Geelong and involved 6000 Bike Riders and support staff.  Wimmera Mallee Waste travelled with the Bike Ride with our Hook Truck and 2 Side Loaders.  In addition, we supplied over 100 Wheelie Bins that we set up each time the Bike Riders stopped, for the Waste and Recycling.  Each day, we emptied the Wheelie Bins into our trucks which we then emptied at Landfills and Recycling Facilities along the way.  We then loaded the Wheelie Bins and transported them to the next stop.
  • DEPI and CFA firefighters camp at Rainbow.   During the bushfires at the start of 2014, a firefighters camp was set up at the local Recreation Reserve for the several hundred men and women who came to fight the fires.  Wimmera Mallee Waste supplied Wheelie Bins, which our trucks emptied twice a day.  In addition to this, Wimmera Mallee Buses were also utilised in the transportation of firefighters.
  • Maitreya Art and Music Festival at Sea Lake.   This event is held over 3 days on the long weekend in March each year.  In 2013 and 2014, we were responsible for their Waste and Recycling needs, with the supply of Large Skip Bins and Wheelie Bins.